Volunteer with NYC Parks
Out of home campaign to promote volunteering in NYC Parks.
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︎ About This Project 

With almost 1,000 playgrounds, more than 800 sports fields, 10,000 acres of natural areas, and a total of more than 5,000 individual properties, Parks is New York City’s largest steward of open space and takes its role as caretaker seriously. In 2023, NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue announced a new campaign, Let’s Green NYC, which aimed to recruit a record number of volunteers in City parks by the end of 2024. I teamed up with NYC Parks to create a campaign to boost the commissioner’s call to action.

Photography: Rhianydd Hylton and Laila Annmarie Stevens


Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Yorkers were feeling isolated and disconnected from one another. At the same time, Parks became a place of respite for folks who needed to get out of their apartments, and connect with others in open-air spaces.

We crafted a messaging strategy aimed at appealing to New Yorkers coping with loneliness. Our approach highlighted volunteering with Parks as an enjoyable way to get outdoors and meet like-minded individuals, fostering potential long-term friendships.


Given the wide range of volunteering opportunities available in Parks, there’s something for everyone to connect with. The campaign features editorial photography of real volunteer groups gathering in unique park settings like beaches, dog runs, and trails. A vibrant color palette and playful shapes unique to the campaign were developed to create a fun atmosphere, and ensure the call to action stood out.