Svetha Weds Mark
A podcast about interracial marriage in the United States.
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︎ About This Project 

Svetha Weds Mark is a four part multimedia podcast centered around my parents’ wedding. This podcast uses family interviews and historical context to share a realistic vignette of interracial relationships. Both a love story and a cultural retrospective, Svetha Weds Mark ties the union of two families to the broader context of racial politics, tradition, and identity in the United States. 

Goals for the website included being accessible to a wide range of ages and cultures, as well as being visually immersive. The 2 column layout allows visitors to see photos and videos as they listen to the podcast. Clear navigation and written instructions were included to help visitors go through the website with ease. With regard to visual identity, choices around color, typography and graphics were made to emphasize the blending of South Asian and American cultures. 

Audio Production and Original Score:
Nicolas Bisgaard

Listen to an excerpt of the podcast ︎︎︎

See a walkthrough of the interactive website ︎︎︎

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