Svetha Weds Mark_Senior Thesis

spring 2021

This is the visual component of my thesis research for FIT’s graphic design program. Throughout this project I wrote and recorded a four part podcast. I also designed a website to host all project content.

Svetha Weds Mark is a four part multimedia podcast centered around my parents’ wedding. As the product of a mixed marriage, I find that media portrayals of interracial relationships are inconsistent with my real life experiences. After questioning which reality to believe, I decided to use my thesis project to uncover the true nature of multiracial households.

This podcast uses family interviews, historical context, and vivid imagery to share a realistic vignette of interracial relationships. A love story at its core, Svetha Weds Mark ties the union of two families to the broader context of racial politics, tradition, and identity in the United States.

Visitors can browse this website to listen to the podcast with accompanying graphics, photography, and video. Bold colors and stylized typefaces were employed to encapsulate blended South Asian identity. The vertically split layout symbolizes separation between cultures, while shapes, graphics and text break these color boundaries to signify blending.

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