Sun Prairie Public Library
Stickers and bookmarks for Sun Prairie Public Library’s latest outreach initiative.
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︎ About This Project 

In 2022, I collaborated with Sun Prairie Public Library to refresh their mascot named Booker, and create a set of bookmarks and stickers. The goal of the project was to help patrons feel welcomed in the library, connect them to library services, and thank them for their support.

A set of bookmarks and stickers that are red and yellow and show a cartoon of a book with a smiling face.

The original Booker mascot was designed 15+ years ago for Sun Prairie Public Library’s ‘Book-It-N-Run’ marathon fundraiser. Sun Prairie Public Library wanted Booker’s pose to stay the same in order to keep an association to running, but was interested in the mascot’s linework and facial expression being refreshed to make it appear modern and friendly.


A serif typeface with modern curves was picked to compliment Booker’s vintage style. Booker’s original red color was adjusted to be more cheerful, and then additional colors were brought in to represent the Sun Prairie Public Library Foundation.