Second Heart Homes
Website and branding for a non-profit that supports people experiencing homlessness.
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︎ About This Project 

Second Heart Homes is a non-profit that supports people experiencing homelessness with housing and skill building programs. I collaborated with marketing agency Rough and Ready Media to create a website that clearly tells the Second Heart Homes story, empowering the organization to connect with future clients, funders, and drive positive change.


The website was built using a set of components that were carefully curated to express Second Heart Homes initiatives. These components were styled to reflect Second Heart Homes’ values, ensuring a cohesive visual identity throughout the site.



We proposed subtle adjustments to elevate Second Heart Homes' visual identity, and bring a modern feeling to their website.

The geometric logo design is easy to scale, ensuring clarity across different mediums.

A deep purple and light green color palette was carefully determined with consideration for visual accessibility, and reflects themes of rehabilitation and growth.

The header typeface, Bowlby, was selected for its imperfect edges that embody the non-judgmental values central to Second Heart Homes' mission.


Expressing stories and organizational impact is the main goal of Second Heart Homes’ website. Each component was thoughtfully designed to amplify Second Heart Homes’ work.

The design includes opportunities for many images in order to showcase real community members. We also incorporated quotes to highlight people’s authentic experiences, and utilized graphic text blocks to show numerical data in an engaging way.


To improve the organization and accessibility of information, we created accordion menus that break down Second Heart Homes' initiatives into bite-sized pieces. This allows users to easily understand the organization's initiatives, and choose when to delve deeper into specific areas of interest.

We also developed a filter system for the updates page, enabling visitors to easily navigate between blog posts, press releases, and event listings. This feature enhances user experience by simplifying the search process and ensuring that relevant content is easy to find.