International Drug Policy Reform Conference
Branding and materials for a biennial conference.
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︎ About This Project 

Reform is the premier gathering of the growing and dynamic drug policy reform movement. Every other year, the Drug Policy Alliance hosts this event, bringing together people working on the full range of drug policy issues from across the United States and around the world to listen, learn, and strategize. In the eight months leading up to the conference, I collaborated with the Drug Policy alliance to create branding, a suite of social media assets, print materials, and a signage system.


The 2023 Reform Conference’s visual identity embodies the way their community practices solidarity, learns from one another, and fights for positive change. 

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Social Media

Reform’s social media is a mix of photography and conference announcements. Graphics use a line motif that symbolizes common threads and values that tie the community together. Organically shaped fields of color are also used on text based posts to draw the eye to important information.


The program cover plays with the shape of the Reform logo to create a layering effect. Inspired by a Reform slogan that says “Drugs & Dignity & Health & Autonomy”, the blob shapes connect underneath the main title to reveal several movement values. 

Inside of the program, a typography scale with minimal size contrast is used to be harmonious, and supportive of long titles and event descriptions. Impactful sections like the Welcome Letter use decorative graphics to convey emotion, while utilitarian sections like the Agenda are kept minimal to prioritize an easy reading experience.


In preparation for the conference, I developed and designed a system to support 70+ bilingual on-site signs. The conference’s style guide was adapted to fit several signage needs including wayfinding, venue marking, scheduling, and increasing brand visibility.

Signs ranged in format from printed, to animated digital versions, and environmental graphics that were customized to fit the conference space.