Harm_Web Design

fall 2020

This is the creative extension of a research project which I completed as a part of the Presidential Scholars program at FIT. Throughout this project, I conducted academic research, curated story submissions, and designed a website to host my findings. This project was selected for presentation at FIT’s 2021 Research Fair.

Harm is a space for self-injurers to discuss their experiences and recoveries honestly. This microsite hosts anonymous stories from real people, allowing for candid conversations without pathologization from clinical settings, or dramatization from the media.

Mindful design was crucial to make this difficult topic approachable. I wanted to avoid self injury cliches such as the color red, edgy typography, or glamorized depictions of mental illness.

To emulate the delicate nature of this project, I designed with fine typefaces, and minimal layouts to make the website as visually soothing as possible. The vibrant green which dominates the website was picked because of its association to growth and vitality; two things often unassociated with self harm. When it came to imagery, I was careful to select intimate, non-triggering photographs such as scans of diary pages, and cherished belongings. By doing this, I was able to reveal personal aspects of the author’s lives, while keeping their identities confidential.

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