A collaborative zine made with CUP and students from International Community High School.
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︎ About This Project 

In Winter 2022, I worked with CUP and International Community High School (ICHS) to create a zine about New York’s Foster care system. ICHS students researched the topic, conducted interviews with experts, gathered data from community surveys, and then used this information to make art based on what they learned. Once their research and art-making was complete, I compiled all of their drawings, photos and thoughts into a zine that summarized their learning process from start to finish.

Illustration and Photography: ICHS Students
Text: Fielding Hong


The publication uses a variety of graphic systems to make complex information easy to read, but centers student perspectives by letting their original art tell the story of foster care in New York.


Alongside teaching artist Fielding Hong, I guided students through  artmaking, design thinking, and participatory action research methods. This allowed the zine to be completely co-created by ICHS students and mysef.

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