Collegiate Association For Artists of Color_Visual Identity

summer 2020

Collegiate Association for Artists of Color (C.A.A.C.) is a social justice organization founded by Morgan Burns.

The purpose of the Collegiate Association for Artists of Color is to provide creative support, a unified community, and equal opportunity platforms alongside instrumental tools for students of color to pursue their crafts fully on both an institutional level and beyond.

I held C.A.A.C.’s Creative Director position from its launch in Summer 2020 to May of 2021. Over that year, I  developed the organization’s visual identity and applied it to various projects.


As an organization that primarily connects with it’s community online, social media posts have been crucial in promoting events, organization initiatives, and building community.

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Fundraiser with ONEWING

In 2021, C.A.A.C. partnered with black-owned clothing brand ONEWING to create merchandise for our first fundraiser.

My goal in collaborating with ONEWING was to create a line that drew inspiration from both of our mission statements under one unified vision. Theses pieces serve as a reflection of our shared vision of art inclusivity and joyful expression.

Once pieces were designed, I creative directed and designed images for our Indiegogo and social media campaign. 

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